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About Mr. Manish Agiwal.

Manish Agiwal birthday falls on 29 January 1994. He was born and brought up in city name Jaipur, Rajasthan. He did his schooling as well as spend his younger days in the same city. Manish Agiwal completed his schooling in Jaipur Rajasthan itself. He went to the Tagore public school in Jaipur. After he finished his schooling he then enrolled in the ansal university for MBA in marketing & International Bussiness. He is the son of Rajendra Kumar Agiwal who is famous businessmen in Nepal and well-known face as the automobile industry as well as now cement industry in Nepal .

Manish Agiwal is one of the most famous and accomplished young Indian entrepreneurs. he is the co-founder and CEO of dream vaahan which is a highly valued startup in India dream vaahan are currently is operated in many cities and all credit for its growth goes to Manish agiwal . He is the inspiration behind many young startup founders and he has shown with his example that no matter what age you are you can start your company.

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